How can good design be used to experience a good death?

About these Q&A

We believe that there are many problems in the way we live and die.
We feel that at the heart of it, some of these are design problems needing solved. We also feel that a transdisciplinary approach is the best way to do this, and we wanted to talk to other people to see what they thought. That's why we are asking you. We're approaching a range of people across disciplines, industries and backgrounds to see what you think about these simple questions. To answer a question is anonymous and simple. We just want to start a new dialogue.

About us

Being and Dying is a design studio inside Fabrica, in Italy.
The studio researches and investigates current approaches to life and death, through experimental design. This includes broader issues around health and the environment, preventative and holistic healthcare, to challenge the notion of death in stark opposition to life. We're currently designing an interactive app for palliative care, a different type of clock, researching the future of bio-hacking and making documentary films.
To find out more about our research, visit our website or talk to us on Twitter.

Being and Dying is looking for interaction designers, coders, developers, writers, film-makers, academics and others to join the studio. Apply!